Undercover Slut

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Undercover Slut

Undercover Slut are not exactly a “new” band but they are pretty underground, resending in Paris, France. This band makes Rock N’ Roll feel dangerous again, with a ferocious mix of Glam/Industrial and 70’s Punk. Vocalist ‘O’ sounds like Faster Pussycat’s Taime Downe on a drug trip. With unrepentant songs such as “Legalize Suicide”, “Daddy’s Little C**t” & “Jim Jones Was So F**king Right” the band are sure to shock the conformists.

The band also shows shades of a punkier Pretty Hate Machine era Nine Inch Nails, with lyrics like “I will never buy your f**king lies, I will never ever compromise” on the track “Dogs Are Gods (And Gods Are Dogs)”... Do not miss out on this band, visit their site and order yourself Communism If Facsism, there are also mp3’s and a video for “Darling Darling” to check out on their site.

'O' - Vocals
Pills - Guitar
96 - Bass
Fuse - Drums
Communism Is Fascism
Our Legalize Suicide Sessions EP
Naziconographick: Terrorism Tracks For Nihilistic Numbers
Evil Star Virus (Promo)
Sadistic Sampler

Official Undercover Slut Site

Photo credit:  Maude de Mirman

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