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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Is Hollyweird?
A: It is many things, read the front page... there is also a Poison album named Hollyweird.
Q: You missed out a Glam band in "Bands A-Z" section, why isn't it there?
A: Its a work in progress, I do hope to have every Glam Metal band on there, if you find a band that is not there yet, you can request it be added by mailing the contact link below. Make sure you put "Glam Band List", as the subject.

Q: I'm in a Glam band and would like you to put a review of my bands CD/Demo on Hollyweird Glamour, how do I send you my CD?
A: Mail your request to the Contact link below, and we can sort something out. Be sure to enter "CD Review Request", as the subject.
Q: I own an image on this site and wish for it to be removed.
A: You can mail the contact link below, with proof that you own the picture.

Q: How often do you update this wonderful site?
A: Whenever I feel there is something worth writing about in the Glam world, could be every other day, could be each week, keep checking back!


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