Twisted Sister

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Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister were influenced by Glam & Shock Rock bands, such as Alice Cooper, New York Dolls & KISS... the band struggled through much of the 70’s getting little record company recognition, Twisted Sister would eventually get their break in the 80’s with the rising of Glam Metal & the addition of one of Rock N’ Rolls all time great front-men, Dee Snider.

The first album Under The Blade (Recorded in England), proved to be the most raw of all the TS releases, Dee Snider was growing as a songwriter and the band was defining their true sound by the time they put out the album You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll.. attracting more fans all the time. The following year Twisted Sister unleashed Stay Hungry, full of fist in the air shout along anthems such as “Stay Hungry”, “I Wanna Rock” & the glorious self indulging “SMF”. The album was a great success, the bands over the top image put them all over MTV, with their tongue-in cheek videos.

Come Out and Play, although a strong album didn’t quite measure up to the success of Stay Hungry, the bands Glam image increased, the media turned on Twisted Sister & the PMRC attempted to have them censored naming them one of the infamous Dirty Dozen, which also included W.A.S.P. ... Unfortunately personal issues consumed the band, they managed to put out Love Is For Suckers before the split, the album was disappointing to many, only liked by the diehard SMF's.

Dee Snider - Vocals
Jay Jay French - Guitar
Eddie Ojeda - Guitar
A.J Pero - Drums
Mark Mendoza - Bass
Joey Seven Franco - Drums

Ruff Cutts EP
Under The Blade
You Cant Stop Rock N' Roll
Stay Hungry
Come Out And Play
Love Is For Suckers
Big Hits And Nasty Cuts
Live At Hammersmith
Club Daze
Club Daze 2
Still Hungry (Re-Issue)

HG Says: Dee Snider's post-Twisted projects include, Desperado, Widowmaker, a solo album & a movie titled, Strangeland.

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