Interview With Traci Michaelz

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Todays interview is with Traci Michaelz drummer of the Peppermint Creeps, make sure you check out their new album "We Are The Weirdoz", available June 15th 2005.

10th June 2005

Name: Traci Michaelz
Instrument: Drums
Current Bands: Peppermint Creeps, Pretty Boy Floyd
Former Bands: Heart Throb Mob, Glamvestite Vampirez, Candy Apple Queenz
Peppermint Creeps

1. How does the new Peppermint Creeps album, “We Are The Weirdoz” sound in comparison to “Animatron X”, will it be out by summer?

We have grown from a “Punk” band to a “Punk, Rock-N-Roll” band, LOL! Sonically it’s far superior. I feel like we’ve really grown into ourselves, as Producers, Songwriters, Artists & Friends. Macy has really fine tuned his skills as an Engineer in particular. Musically, we still sound like the same band, only covering a broader spectrum of music. We have NO limits & “YES, We Are The Weirdoz” will be out by the time you read this! We still love Animatron-X, but this is the next fucking level…

2. What exactly was the difference between Glamvestite Vampirez & Candy Apple Queenz?

Candy Apple Queens was Mrs. Pac Man & Glamvestite Vampirez were the Ghost Monsters!!

3. Peppermint Creeps and Murderdolls once played a show together, are you a fan of Wednesday’s pre-Dolls band, The Frankenstein Drag Queens?

Yes, Candy Apple Queens, Frankenstein Drag Queens, Queen Mary……… Queen!

4. You are an accomplished drummer, who influenced you to start playing? Do you have any advice for Junior drummers out there?

Thank You! Tommy Lee, Buddy Rich, Eric Carr, Terri Bozzio, Neil Pert & Bobby Blotzer, I’m from the 80’s! Keep practicing & you will succeed!

5. How is the newest addition to the Creeps fitting in, Robbie Styles is a quite alot younger than the rest of you guys right?

Almost a little too fucking well! He’s great, we’ve become very good friends. I’m a big kid, so I relate to him more than some one my own age…

6. You have a tattoo of Klint on your arm.. as a Tigertailz fan what is your opinion on the current situation, with two Tailz out there, one with Steevi/Ace the other Kim/Pepsi/Jay ?

Klint says “Hi”…. I think they need to bring the Makeup & Hair back, but it would be cool to see & or play with both Line-Ups!

7. What is in your CD player right now?

I Hate Music (JUST KIDDING!)… Our newest CD, What else??

8. The Creeps put on an exiting visual show as well as musical, why do you think so many bands get up on stage with just plain jeans and t-shirt?

Because they are shitty artists… I’m not blind, so I don’t want to see ugly men, singing about crap I can’t relate too!! It has become acceptable to be lazy & creativity is frowned upon in our society!!

9. You have been in nearly as many bands as Kerri Kelli & Brent Muscat, can you name EVERY band you have played in?

Hell No (LOL), other than PBF, the Peppermint Creeps is the only one that really matters!

10. Do you still keep in-touch with Lonny Lovett and the rest of Heart Throb Mob?

Alright you got me, HTM was a very special band. I’m still tight with Lonny, Bobby & Dev. Maybe we’ll do a reunion someday, but not right now!

11. Ginger Fish of Marilyn Manson is a Creeps fan/friend, do you know if the rest of the band are too, perhaps Mr. Manson himself?

Yes, we know them all, including Marilyn. They are all really cool!

12. Peppermint Creeps are currently backing up Steve “Sex” Summers in Pretty Boy Floyd, It was rumoured that Pretty Boy Floyd were reforming with Majors & Chas, what happened with that?

They might do it, but we would still be playing with Steve when they aren’t…

13. Thanks Traci, is there anything you’d like to add?

Thanx to ALL of our fanz, You “ROCK”…………….

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