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Tigertailz formed in Wales in 1985, their first real solid lineup included Pepsi Tate, Jay Pepper, Steevi Jaimz, and Ace Finchum. The band recorded a demo single “Shoot To Kill” which sold a few thousand copied. Music For Nation; who at the time also had Poison, Stryper & Metallica, signed the Tailz up and the band released their debut album “Young And Crazy”, relationships between Steevi Jaimz and the band started to decline leading to Jaimz being fired from the band.

Kim Hooker who played bass for the band Rankelson was apointed as the new Tigertailz vocalist. The Fans really took to Kim, creating a large following throughout Europe. The band then recorded the album Bezerk in 1989, but it was officially released a year later in 1990. The “Bezerk” era was the most successful for the band. The album reached 36 in the UK charts, and spawned 3 singled “Heaven”, “Love Bomb Baby” and “Noise Level Critical”. They also released a live video called “Bezerk: Live 1990” which reached number 5 in the UK charts.

The band released an album of Unreleased and B-Sides in 1992 called Banzai!, the collection was only released in Japan and was only in print for a year. Preparation for the next album “Wazbones” things became very chaotic. First, Ace was living far away from the band and decided to leave Tigertailz after becoming bored with the bands direction. The Tailz brought in new drummer Andy Skinner, the band took 2 years making the original Wazbones album, leaving Music For Nations in the proccess, a month before the album was set to be released. The bands new Record Company Amuse America Inc, had a huge falling out with the bands manager and the project was shelved

Jay the decided to quit the band, Wazbones was re-recorded with new Guitarist, Cy Danaher, the band temporarily changed their name to Wazbones so they could work during the contractual dispute with Amuse America Inc. Eventually the Wazbones album was released in 1995, almost 5 years after the initial recording, and packaging of the album. The following year, Tigertailz released “You Lookin’ At Me? The Best Of Live”.

In 2005 there are two bands with the name Tigertailz one featuring Ace & Steevi Jaimz who released the EP King Of The World, and the other featuring Kim Hooker, Pepsi Tate, Jay Pepper and new drummer Matt Blakout who are set to released Bezerk 2.0 in the near future.

Pepsi Tate - Bass
Jay Pepper - Guitar
Steevi Jaimz - Vocals
Ace Finchum - Drums
Kim Hooker - Vocals
Cy Danaher - Guitar
Andy Skinner - Drums
Matt Blakout - Drums
Young And Crazy
You Lookin' At Me (Best Of Tigertailz Live)
Original Sin
HG Says: Kim Hooker's first band Rankelson who he played bass with, released 2 albums "Hungry For Blood" & "The Bastards Of Rock N' Roll".

TigerTailz (Jaimz)

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