Interview With Teddy Heavens

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We interviewed Teddy Heavens; guitarist of the band Hollywood can’t handle, Rebel Rebel.

10th May 2005

Name: Teddy Heavens
Instrument: Guitar & Vocals
Current Bands: Rebel Rebel, The Hungry Dolls
Former Bands: N/A
Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel & Undercover Slut

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1. Rebel Rebel are set to appear on the Audio companion for the book “Hollywood Rocks”, why aren’t you guys playing the release party?

Brian at Cleopatra wanted a "reunion" show for the first release party, but we will be doing other shows to promote the boxset for them. We just love to play and always get our chance to tear it up in Hollywood. We have been around for so long that we are always the pinch hitters when others can't follow through. We're like cockroaches that can't be killed and won't go away. Remember Rocky Balboa-that's us, we'll last the full 15 rounds!!! (Without changing band members or music styles)

2. Rebel Rebel are banned from most Los Angeles venues, can you tell us a story of how one of the bannings occurred?

Basiclly we destroy clubs and put people in danger when we play, for better or worse. We do the full on destroying TV sets and computers, after setting them on fire. We basiccly make a big mess, but there is meaning behind it. It's a very aggressive show and we have the best frontman in Rock and Roll, who will do what it takes to get you shaking your ass when we play. He's been arrested for our stage antics, that is how far we will go!! Flaming cocks, exploding TV sets and fast rock and roll all go togeather, and we believe in the full package!!! Some people look at us, and say, Why? I just say cuz we love what we do, we're independently wealthy and we have heart!!!!

3. What are your opinions on Casey Chaos and Amen?

I love that guy and his music and attitude. I last saw that band play when I was in London last year at an instore at Virgin!! I happened to stumble onto their promo thing there and they tore it up. Good energy, good music and good heart for what he does. How can you knock that, I'd be knocking my own band and our desire to provide the danger in rock and roll!!!

4. Some bands get labelled “Glam-Punk”, but with Rebel Rebel you can actually hear stuff like the Sex Pistols & New York Dolls coming through. When you first started out did you make a conscious effort to include equal parts glam and punk?

absolutely, that was our main goal and still is! We want to be a mixture of all our favorite bands-KISS, Plasmatics, Van Halen, The Dolls, The Pistols, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Until December, Suicide and The Road Warrior!!! We are more punk than glam, but that's only cuz we like to play fast and loud. But Hanoi Rocks influenced us as much as the Plasmatics. Alice Cooper was also a big influence as well, music and looks and presentation. Right now were trying to get back to our Guns and Roses and Stooges roots, but we are also doing our SS Sputnik influenced songs. There are no rules to great rock and roll, that's our attiyude.

5. We recently interviewed ‘O’ of Undercover Slut, your bands are set to appear on a split CD together, can you tell us a little about that and your relationship with Undercover Slut?

We just played in Paris in Feb. 2005 and their label really liked the way the crowd responded to us. The kids felt what was up and recognized the real deal when they witnessed it. We have years of experience behind us with this line-up and can whip up a punk crowd, a metal crowd or an industrial crowd. We grew up with and have played with all kinds of bands that have prepared us to entertain, baically wherever we play. We know those guys cuz I manage them in the states and O is one of my best friends from years back. UCS is a very cool and talented band and it is a pleasure to have our stuff documented with them on a split CD. It should be a cool duel cover release with video stuff and rare songs and cool packaging. We're looking forward to going back to Europe to promote that Split CD when it's released on 9-11-2005.

6. What is in your CD player right now?

Until December, Alice Cooper-Killer, Iron Maiden-Killers (Dianno is the bomb), Manic Street Preachers, Tsar, New Hanoi Rocks, Frankie Goes to Hollywood-debut, Thin Lizzy-Live and Dangerous, Undercover Slut, New Rebel Rebel mixes, New Billy Idol, Sigue Sigue Sputnik-best Of, TurboNegro, Stooges comp. burned from the net, Kiss-box set and Get Animal 1 and 2 (Adam Bomb).

7. For people new to Rebel Rebel could you describe the content of your latest album “Explode Into Space”, and where is it available to purchase?

"Explode" is a CD we released on FTW Records, which is our own label. We wrote a set of songs that we wanted to get back to our straight ahead rock and roll roots with. We got Brian Kehew (Ramones, Air, Alice Cooper, Street Walkin Cheetahs to record it for us. It includes some songs sung in Spanish that a label paid us to record with an eye on signing us (Univision). It's just rock and roll in the vein of the Pistols and the Dolls and Guns and Roses. It's available from, CDBaby, and or at any one of our live shows.

8. Wrathchild from the UK also used alot of pyro, setting stuff on fire, etc. in their live shows, Were they an influence on Rebel Rebel’s explosive performances?

We grew up loving that band!!! They have great songs to boot!! A really great band that I still listen to today. We we're not really influenced by them visually or their stageshow (we got a live video a few years ago) but the attitude was cool. Big hair, big heels and big Dreams!!! Great songs, I can't say that enough for Rocky and the boys.

9. If you could eliminate one band and their discography from existence, who would you delete?

I gotta puss out on this one, cuz I think being a musician is in one's blood and who am I to judge others on putting their heart into what they do, just cuz it's not my taste, know what I mean? Playing live and recording and entertaining people is fun, so I say do it til your planted 6 feet under.

10. You are/were producing a movie about Johnny Thunders last 24 hours on earth, what’s the latest info on the project?

That got stopped when Thunder's sister bought a copy of the script that I had for sale and had her lawyers sent a stop order to yours truely!!! It will come out with some tweaks here and there, but people will still know who the story is about. It's all set up-the budget, the actors, the music, the locations, the script and the production team, but the time is not right right now, so I'll wait till the time is right.

11. Thanks Teddy, is there anything else you want to add?

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