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Todays interview is with R.S. Saidso, on the eve of Electra-Kill's debut album release"The Death Of Venus 292", enjoy!

2nd May 2005

Name: R.S. Saidso
Instrument: Vocals, Guitar & Drums.
Current Bands:
Electra Kill
Former Bands: Frankenstein Drag Queens, Town Klown, Silly Scream, Dragster 66 Lunatic Candy Kreep.

1. Your current band Electra-Kill, has an industrial sound with glam undertones, what made you move in that direction apposed to the horror-punk style of the Frankenstein Drag Queens?
Well it wasn't a sense of moving into any one style, music is an expression of thought and emotion for me. I like and listen to a lot of different styles of music, the music and songs that I co-wrote and worked on in FDQ was what we made together. I don't think about the music I make it makes it's self, it is a product of the moment or situation.
2. Yourself and Abby Normal (Graveyard Boulevard, FDQ) were once involved in a project together called Dragster 66,  how is your relationship with Abby currently and on a scale of 1-10 what are the chances of your bands doing a show together?
I have never had and still have no problems with Abby or for that fact any other members of past bands or projects I have been involved in, everyone always wants to make a big deal about things and blow them out of proportion, they like the conflict and chaos. The truth about things sometimes is more boring and people like the drama. If ever the chance or time came for us to do a show together I would be all for it.
3. What made you change the name of your band from, "Lethal Injection" to "Electra-Kill"?
Because the name "Lethal Injection" sucked and about 3 million other bands, rappers etc. had already used it. I never thought it was a good idea to use that name it was changed just out of natural growth and development of the band. Electra-Kill fits us more as a whole and our music. It is our brand!
4. Seaweed, a former band mate of yours from the FDQ days has now joined you in Electra-Kill, how did that come about?
Myself and Seaweed have pretty much always remained friends through the years after our FDQ days, we never really lost touch. He was and always will be my first choice of who I want on the bass in EK.
5. What are the inspirations for your songs are they based on real life events or pure fantasy?
They are based on emotion, thought and the reality of my everday life.
6. Electra-Kill are set to shoot a video early next month, what will the theme for the video be?
The video is set in a strip club out in the middle of the Nevada desert. We leave May 7th for Vegas to shoot the video, lets just say that the theme for the video will be interesting.....
7. What are your opinions of Tim Skold, formerly of Shotgun Messiah, now Marilyn Manson?
He is good at what he does....
8. Wednesday 13 once commented on you in an interview with Glitzine saying on the Frankenstein Drag Queens east cost tour of 97’, “The reason me(W13) and Seaweed left on a bus to go home was to avoid murdering him(RS Saidso)”.. what exactly did you do on that tour to piss Wednesday 13 off so bad?
You have to remember something, when you are an unsigned band and you have to do everything yourself, booking, driving, dealing with club owners, hotels, getting to strange cities you have never been to and on top of all that performing every single night emotions and feelings tend to run high. We all wanted the same thing to be successful and play the rock n roll.... At the time of the tour there wasn't any apperant problems between us, once again I think things get blown out of proportion from what the situation really was.
9. If you could eliminate one band and their discography from existence, whom would you delete?
I couldn't pick just one I wouldn't say.. But lets say a lot of bands get a whole lot more credit then they should for doing nothing. (Insert band name here).
10. Your album will soon be released, where will people be able to buy it, and what can be expected?
Our cd will be available EVERYWHERE and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. You can order it online of course thorugh our site @ it is available at every single major retail outlet online as well take your pick . . .,,,,, you name it and they are carring it. As well you can walk into your favorite record store anywhere in the US and pick it up, if they do not have it in stock just ask for it and it is in the system and they can order it in for you. We are getting ready to sign a distribution deal for europe and the rest of the world as well... So keep checkin up on our official site for news.
11. Also based in Paris, France, are a very interesting band Undercover Slut, are you a fan of what they are doing, do you know them?
Interesting you should ask that question not only do I know them but Kill X was the original founding member of that band and song writer, also that band is how him and I met and started to work together. After I left FDQ in 98' I was called to Paris to work with the above mentioned band. When I got to Paris things were not what they were suppose to be, I was staying with Kill X in his flat. He had heard a lot of the stuff I had wrote and produced for other bands, he had some new songs he was working on and asked if I would be interested to work on them with him. We spent the days and nights working on a few songs, the time came for me to leave Paris and I got on a plane back to America, a few months passed I get a phone call from Kill X and he says "hey I have been letting some people hear what we did and I think we may have something" that was 98' we have been working together every since, That experience was one of the best things that has ever happened to me as far as meeting up with Kill. I believe everything happens for a reason in life!
12. Any final comments for your fans?
Don't always believe what you hear or read, it doesn't make it true.... We have a whole lot of things getting ready to happen right now that I can't talk about but I promise they will be really exciting. Of course our cd comes out May 3rd so I hope that all the fans out there give it a listen and atleast make your own opinion of our music. I don't expect everyone to love it but atleast give yourself that chance. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support through the years things are only going to get better, Cheers to you!!!!

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