Interview With Robbi Black

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We caught up with former Alleycat Scratch drummer, Robbi Black, Robbi is now involved in a couple of newer bands DramaFiend & Doxy, so after you have read the interview check em' out!

5th May 2005

Name: Robbi Black
Instrument: Drums
Current Bands: Doxy, DramaFiend
Former Bands: Alleycat Scratch
Ana Lovlis

1. Are you still involved in the dark pop-rock project, DramaFiend, if so how is that going? 
Well yes I am but we are all busy in a few aspects of music as well. Tiffy the singer is Charlize Therons still shot body double or something like that so she is always on location. We get her we do some fun shows and off she goes again. Lance has a club he runs in Hollywood at 7969 santa monica blvd called Club Fiend. Its a dope ass club that goes off every other wednesday. Me Im always busy. Im in another band called Doxy. Very cool shit in the vein of NIN meets smashing pumpkins meets perfect circle meets kate bush. dark catchy eccentric music with a twist. you can go to for info. Im also involved in a solo artists music. her name Ana Lovelis and we are releasing a record in the begining of june. indy label major distribution. In the vein of avril lavigne meets kelly clarkson meets good charolette. cool catchy tunes very radio ready. Ill have promos of it soon if you wanna check it out. so yeah man. very busy...

2. There have recently been Alleycat Scratch demos on Ebay, priced amazingly high (in the $100 + region), just for the record are these really "Fan Club Only" CD's or Bootlegs?
Quite possibal it is fan club only stuff we did release some shit like that back in the day. but more likely bootlegs. I have seen our bass player on there selling some shit trying to make money I guess under a different name I wont disclose but Boa I see your ass....

3. TigerTailz had Klint the tiger as their mascot, Alleycat Scratch had Crotch the Alleycat... what we wanna know is, who would win in a street fight! Klint or Crotch??
Most likely Crotch would win as he has all his boys to back him up while he sits there laughing (that he started a fight and we all are there to finish it) while he just gets lit on 40's of malt liquer. That crazy cat...

4. As already mentioned Alleycat Scratch CD’s are currently fetching ALOT on Ebay, would you guys ever consider re-releasing the “Dead Boys In Trash City” album?
I do believe boa has plotted something like that as he mentioned it in the past but those guys wouldn't tell me. For some crazy reason they have a quam with me probably over old shit that has long been forgotten or fixed. What ever though I have nothing but love for all those guys. Even the other members that never grew huge with us in Hollywood, ala Tommy Haight, and Justin Sayne. Much love to you guys hope your well....

5. Eddie Robinson formerly of Alleycat Scratch worked on a project called Shameless with Alexx Michaels, Stevie Rachelle, Steve Sex Summers, etc. did you her the CD, opinions?
I didnt know that Eddie did that. I saw him at bar sinister a couple months back and asked if he would play again and he firmly said and I quote "man music has taken way too much of my life away, Im retired", so I dont know anything about it.. If he did though cool I hope it is great shit...

6. You have a new band Doxy, can you give us a little info on what the band is about and future plans?
sure as I said you can go to to catch up on stuff as we go. there is merch avail but right now we are currently recording a record due out sometime early next year. We are playing a show sept 9th in Las Vegas and all details will be posted on the site as we go. As for what we are about? it's about the whole package. We have an over the top stage show ala NIN or marilyn manson very theatrical as well as amazing songs any musician would give major props to us on. The songs are also very personal and meaningfull as our singer is Bi polar and lets everyone know just how she feels in her lyrics. very wild stuff man. I think everyone will vibe it and it will take off. It is like nothing else out there today....

7. What is your personal favourite Alleycat Scratch song, and why?
I would have to say.... humm you know there were soo many I loved in that time it is hard to say but I loved "your all I drink about" as for when that song was written we all had relationship probs and drug probs and industry probs and fueds with other locals. Just basically our anthom to ourselfes about why we were all alcoholics and our reasons (excuses really) for using booze as a crutch. Great song...

8. Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, MDFMK, & Marilyn Manson are some of your favourite bands... just a guess but are a Tim Skold fan? Have you ever hung out with “Tim Tim“?
I met tim twice. Once at a party with some former friends in a now defunct band called Orgy, I dont remember why but I was talking to him about how cool and ahead of its time there final record was "violent new breed". The other time was in front of Eddies old apt bulding off franklin ave after a night of drinking it up with the boys. All we did was say dude you are Tim Scold. He replied yeah! and off we went.

9. What are the rest of the Alleycat Scratch guys up to, are they in any new bands? Did you keep in contact with them?
Like I said earlier I would love to do a reunion with those guys as I miss them and have nothing but love for them. I have learned over the years to forget the past bullshit and make good of what's in front of you. there is no room in life man for hate or grudges or any of that. If somthing were to happen to one of them I would be devistated. I basically grew up with those guys and we shared a hell of an experience together. So whatever they hold against me thats a shame as I would have their backs today if they ever asked. As for what they are doing I cannot confirm anything as all I have heard are rumors and as we in Alleycat know, rumors dont mean SHIT! I do know that Boa is happily married in Orange county and has two killer little kids. Way to go Bobby. You Rock man...

10. If you could eliminate one band and their discography from existence, who would you delete?
jeez man thats harsh. I cant say I would eliminate any band as I have a great respect for music, musicians and all the shit we all go through to even just get on stage and play a first show. People dont realize the work it takes to put all the pieces together and keep it together keep it original and try and be GOOD at what you do. It's literally a full time job. Great benifits but a FULL TIME GIG. So props to all the bands who have the balls to go and do this shit, weather they suck or are amazing or just not my cup of tea, Propz....

11. On a scale of 1-10 what are the chances of Alleycat Scratch ever reforming.. even if it was only for a few shows?
As I said before, I would do it in a heart beat. I know Devin would never do it and besides they have some issues with me like I said. So chances are ZERO. I wont say it cant happen or will never happen but as I see this right now ZERO chance...

12. Thanks Robbi, is there anything else you want to add?
Sure out in june Ana Lovlis debut album avail through most stores near you or at
and check us out at and leave some comments... Oh and props to my fams in Dramafiend I miss you cats but Ill see ya in June, and to Devin, Eddie, Bobby, and Tommy too, I hope you are all doing very well with whatever you do and I got nothing but love for all you bitches... OUT!!!!!

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