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RATT’s roots grew from 70’s band Mickey Ratt... by 1983; the band dropped the Mickey part and released a self titled EP, which caught the attention of Atlantic Records, who swiftly signed RATT, the following year, the band released their most successful album “Out Of The Cellar”, which sold over 3 million copies, the album featured fan favourites such as “Wanted Man”, “Back For More” and “Round & Round”, which hit #12 in the US charts.

Two years later, RATT put out their second full length album “Invasion of Your Privacy”.. songs such as “Lay it Down” & “You're in Love” took the album past 1 million sales. Receiving a high amount of air-play on MTV and selling out shows across the USA guaranteed the following 2 albums albums “Dancin' Undercover” & “Reach for the Sky” took platinum awards... the later featured another RATT fan favourite “Way Cool Jr.”.

By 1990’s “Detonator” the bands popularity started to dwindle, and two years later, vocalist Stephen Pearcy left RATT to form band Arcade, who would release two albums. And then in 1996. He formed a band named Vertex releasing only one album... during the 90’s Warren DeMartini issued a solo album “Crazy Enough to Sing to You”.

RATT reunited in 1997, releasing the come back album “Collage”, which generally was loathed amongst RATT fans for its alternative-rock sound. Two years later the band found their footing and reverted to a sound similar to their original work, putting out a self-titled album (Not to be confused with the self titled EP). Unfortuetly Pearcy soon left RATT again! .. he later released various material under the names Vicious Delite, a live Arcade album and two solo releases.

RATT carried on without Pearcy, with new members Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate) and John Corabi (Mötley Crüe) on vocals and guitar respectively... in the summer of 2001 former RATT guitarist Robbin Crosby revealed that he was battling AIDS.. Crosby died the following summer of 2002 in Los Angeles.

Stephen Pearcy - Vocals
Robbin Crosby - Guitar
Warren DeMartini - Guitar
Bobby Blotzer - Drums
Juan Croucier - Bass
Robbie Crane - Bass
Jizzy Pearl - Vocals
John Corabi - Guitar
Out Of The Cellar
Invasion Of Your Privacy
Dancing Undercover
Reach For The Sky
Ratt & Roll 8191 (Best Of)

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