Pretty Boy Floyd

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Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd are the probably best example of a grunge causality, they set out to make the ultimate band, they had it all, the songs, the looks, the video on MTV. Then as Grunge took over everything came crashing down for them..

But not before the band made the album which sums up late 80's Glam Metal “Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz”. Pretty Boy Floyd fronted by unique sounding vocalist Steve Sex Summers, released their debut album in 1989, many of the song were written by the groups former guitarist Ariel Stiles. Guitarist Kristy Krash Majors formerly of controversial New York band Jett Blakk joined the fray replacing Stiles and contributed to some of the song writing.

PBF video for Rock And Roll (Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire) featured heavily on MTV. Their debut album also featured a cover of early Mötley Crüe song Toast Of The Town.

After Grunge hit the band found themselves without a label, and consequently split. They would later reform in 1998 minus bassist Vinnie Chas, and released an EP. Pretty Boy Floyd put out Porn Stars a year later which contained re-recorded songs from the Leather Boyz era and unreleased tracks.

By 2003 Steve Sex Summers was the only original band member as Size Really Does Matter was recorded under the Pretty Boy Floyd name. Currently Pretty Boy Floyd is Steve Summers backed by the Peppermint Creeps; there are rumours of a reunion with original members.

The Pretty Boy Floyd legend lives on in cult form, among underground Glam communities, if anybody tells you Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz, is a bad album, they are simply lying.

Steve Sex Summers - Vocals
Kristy Krash Majors - Guitar
Vinnie Chas - Bass
Kari Kane - Drums
Lesli Sanders - Bass
T'Chad - Guitar
Dish - Drums
Traci Michaelz - Drums
Eddie Electra - Bass
Macy Malone - Guitar
Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz
A Tale of Sex, Designer Drugs, and the Death of Rock N Roll 
Porn Stars 
Live At The Pretty Ugly Club
The Vault
Size Really Does Matter
Tonight Belongs to the Young
The Vault 2
Rebellion, Innocence and Teenage Thrills I
Rebellion, Innocence and Teenage Thrills II
Rebellion, Innocence and Teenage Thrills III
Dirty Glam
Greatest Collection - Ultimate Pretty Boy Floyd

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