Interview With Pepsi Tate

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We haven’t done an interview for a couple of weeks, but we are back with a special one for you, its with Pepsi Tate bassist of Tigertailz!

31st May 2005

Name: Pepsi Tate
Instrument: Bass
Current Bands: Tigertailz
Former Bands: N/A

1. Tigertailz once featured on the cover of Kerrang!, as did many bands like Pretty Boy Floyd, Vain, etc... Do you still read the magazine, if so what are your opinion on what it has become?

Yes, I ocassionally still read Kerrang!!! I know there's a lot of negative comment about it - and yes, it can be a bit cliquey and flavour of the month, but there's still a bit of respect for what we'd call proper metal or rock music, and, you know, times change... blah blah blah. Kerrang's always had its favourites, and I some times think it strays a bit to far away from its rock roots (I love Eminem too, but in Kerrang?), but its a successful mag, so they must be doing something right.

2. Kim is a self confessed KISS addict, what is your favourite KISS album and what makes it so enjoyable?

I love Kiss too, but more individual tracks than whole albums. I bought Double Platinum when it came out and loved nearly everything on it. Later I loved 'I Was Made For Lovin You', 'Lick it Up' etc. (Even 'Unholy'), but let's face it, it wasn't all grade A stuff.

3. You guys will be playing Demolition Ball later this year on an allstar bill featuring the likes of Sebastian Bach & Twisted Sister, how does it feel to be involved in an event like that again?

Yeah, it's great. It's almost like a gathering of the tribes. This type of music's been taking a back seat for a while, so it feels like the Demolition Ball might be part of the start of a resurgence. it'll also be great to catch up with a load of old friends, and to see some great bands.

4. Kim originally played bass for the band Rankelson before Tailz, what became of "The Bastards of Rock N' Roll" and why was the band named Rankelson?

The name's made up of bits of members' surnames (RANsen, KELly,wilSON). This happened before Kim joined otherwise it could've been RANKELSONKER. Cool.

5. Have you listened to Tigertailz fanatic Wednesday 13's new album, if so what did you think of it?

Great songs, great vibe. He's got a very clear view of what he's doing which a lot of bands don't have, He's also got a brain and lots of enthusiasm which has been a rarity in rock music for a while. Good luck to him, and thanks for the sleeve notes! Owe you a drink.

6. Just how frustrating was the situation with originally getting Wazbones released, 5 years is a very long time to get an album put out, did you ever think, "forget it, this is too much hassle"?

You know, this kind of shit happens to lots of bands. It's a drag, and we were gutted at the time, but we also had lots of luck in our careers, and as someone very wide once told us - put your energy into the positive things in life, and your careers. You're entirely responsible for your own life and how you react to things. If life hands you a lemon, start making lemonade. We've waited out the grunge years, and our time seems to have come around again. Great.

7. If you had to pick one album that Tigertailz would be remembered for, which would you like it to be?

Got to be Bezerk. It's got all of the 'Tailz hallmarks (Big choruses, big production, a metal sound and a sense of humour and extravagance), and was our biggest success by a mile. I think there are other songs which are equally good on other albums, but when Bezerk came out things really took off for us, so it's got to be the most important 'Tailz album so far.

8. Right now there are two Tigertailz on the loose, similar to the situation with Ratt, it could potentially be very confusing for the fans to know which Tigertailz are playing where, do you think the two Tailz could ever play a show together?

It's unlikely. The confusion is a pain in the ass and we hope to sort it out amicably soon. The problem is there are personality clashes involved, and all the parties involved are very single minded. It's a shame this ever happened, but any product or gigs we do will make it clear that with us you're getting the classic, legitimate line up. Everything else to do with this is legal, personal bullshit, and I hope it gets settled soon to everyone's satisfaction.

9. What is in your CD player, right now?

Actually the new U2 album, but I've got the new Bezerk and Banzai re-issuez on heavy rotation, and 'Strays' by Jane's Addiction is still sounding good. Plus all the Def Leppard albums, especially 'Slang' which is totally underrated, and still sounds amazing (Work it Out is awesome).

10. How is Bezerk 2.0 coming along? Have all the songs been recorded and do you have an idea of the rough release date yet?

No release date, our producer Tim Lewis has disappeared off the face of the Earth. Don't worry, he does that. We're hoping it'll be out by late summer. It's awesome.

11. Thanks Pepsi, any final words for your fans?

Glad you're all still there, and coming back to the fold. We're working hard to make sure you get what you deserve, and we'll keep you posted. I feel I know a lot of these people just through the messageboard (

See you all soon.

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