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L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns was formed in 1983 by bassist Ole Beich, drummer Rob Gardner, guitarist Tracii Guns, and singer Axl Rose (replaced by Michael Jagosz, who was himself replaced by Paul Black). In 1984 Tracii, Axl, and Rob left to form the band Guns N' Roses. Tracii later left Guns N' Roses and was replaced by the guitarist Slash. Rob Gardner also left Guns N' Roses and was replaced by Steven Adler; Guns N' Roses of course became very successful and made several platinum albums.

While Paul Black was the band's singer, guitarist Robert Stoddard, who also played in Dogs D'Amour under the name Ned Christie, played guitar in L.A. Guns alongside Tracii Guns.

With a lineup consisting of Kelly Nickels (Faster Pussycat and Sweet Pain) on bass, Mick Cripps (Faster Pussycat) on guitar, Steve Riley (W.A.S.P.) on drums, Phil Lewis (Girl and Torme) on Vocals, and Tracii Guns on guitar, the band released their self-titled debut album in 1988. Drummer Nickey Alexander played on their self-titled debut album, although Steve Riley was in the band photo in the album's liner notes, because he was by then a member of the band.

In 1989 the band released its second record, Cocked and Loaded, which features guest appearances from Cheap Trick members Robin Zander and Rick Nielson. On the strength of the hit single "The Ballad of Jayne," the album went gold.

When the band released its fourth album, Vicious Circle, in early 1995, they retained a core group of followers, yet it failed to capture the mainstream's attention; it was their weakest-selling album to date and saw the beginning of several lineup shifts, with Johnny Crypt taking over bass playing duties and Guns remaining the band's sole guitarist.

1996's American Hardcore, which featured new lead vocalist Chris Van Dahl, also achieved limited commercial success.

L.A. Guns eventually parted with guitarist Tracii Guns, who was the only remaining original member of the band. He went of to form Brides Of Destruction with Nikki Sixx. The remaining band went through several touring guitarists, including Steve Riley's former W.A.S.P. bandmate Chris Holmes and Keri Kelli, before current guitarist Stacey Blades joined the band. Stacey Blades played on Rips The Covers Off and the 2005 release Tales From The Strip.

Phil Lewis - Vocals
Tracii Guns - Guitar
Rob Gardner - Drums
Ole Beich - Bass
Axl Rose - Vocals
Paul Black - Vocals
Mick Cripps - Guitar
Kelly Nickels - Bass
Steve Riley - Drums
Nickey Alexander - Drums
Jizzy Pearl - Vocals
Johnny Crypt - Bass
Chris Van Dahl - Vocals
Ralph Saenz - Vocals
Muddy Duton - Bass
Adam Hamilton - Bass
Stacey Blades - Drums
L.A. Guns
Cocked And Loaded
Hollywood Vampires
Vicious Circle
American Hardcore
Shrinking Violet
A Nite On The Strip (Live)
Cocked & Re-Loaded
Man In The Moon
Waking The Dead
Rio Off The Covers
Tales From The Strip

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