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Hanoi Rocks

If there's ever been a "Best kept secret in Rock & Roll", Hanoi Rocks is definitely it. Originating from Helsinki, Finland, they started out homeless in the Stockholm streets, but soon relocated to the South London slums.

Their debut album, "Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks" was released in early 1981. The same year, they started touring England as they became based in London, where they recorded "Oriental Beat", released in 1982. They created a new scene in London, playing weekly at the original legendary Marquee Club for a couple of months and went on to become the "Darlings of the Press", and the hottest new band in England, ready to take the world.

In Japan, their success reached the heights of a "Beatlemania" type of hysteria. On their Far East Tour in 1983, their concert in Bombay, India caused a riot as rabid fans refused to leave the venue and got into fights with the local police. At the same time, an album of B-sides, singles and outtakes was released titled "Self Destruction Blues", which included a number one hit single in Finland called "Love's An Injection". In 1983, they also recorded and released "Back To Mystery City", and at the end of the year, did a live album at the Marquee Club entitled "All Those Wasted Years".

CBS Records signed Hanoi to a world-wide deal. The band flew to New York City to record "Two Steps From The Move" with producer Bob Ezrin. which came out in 1984. As their cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Up Around The Bend" was climbing the U.K. and U.S. charts, they were right on the verge of breaking big in the States. However, about three weeks into their first nationwide U.S. tour, on December 9th, 1984, tragedy struck the band. Their British drummer Razzle was killed in a drunk driving accident while a passenger in a car driven by Vince Neil singer of Mötley Crüe. Not being able to recover from the loss, Hanoi Rocks disbanded in early 1985.

In 2001, Michael and Andy ran into each other and wound up playing a couple of festival shows in Finland as "Hanoi Revisited". They performed a red-hot set of Hanoi classics to ecstatic audiences. Surprised by how much they enjoyed working together again, they started writing new material and ended up in the recording studio. The return of one the most legendary bands in the history of Rock was not even a decision for Michael and Andy to make - it just happened. As Michael said, "This is not a reunion, it's a rebirth." In 2002 - 2003, the critically acclaimed return album "Twelve Shots On The Rocks" was released. Hanoi Rocks is back now ready as ever to rock the world with their fresh new album "Another Hostile Takeover", due out in April 2005.

Michael Monroe - Vocals
Andy McCoy - Guitar
Nasty Suicide - Guitar
Sam Yaffa - Bass
Gyp Casino - Drums
Razzle - Drums
Terry Chimes - Drums
Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks
Oriental Beat
Self Destruction Blues
All Those Wasted Years (live at the Marquee)
Back to Mystery City
Two Steps From The Move
Million Miles Away
The Best of Hanoi Rocks
Up Around the Bend: Super Best
Tracks from a Broken Dream
Lean On Me
Decadent Dangerous Delicious
Kill City Kills
Twelve Shots On The Rocks 
Another Hostile Takeover

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