Glamour Punks

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The Glamour Punks formed in the early 90’s and were a big hit on the sunset strip at the time, mixing punky influences such as The Pistols/Dolls with early Mötley Crüe sounds. Unfortunetly bassist Dizzy Damage passed away in February of 1995 (RIP).

The band never officially released an album, but put out plenty of demos featuring songs such as “Kick Her In The Head“, “Submit“, “Death Of America“ & “Hated By Millions“. Vocalist Mandie has remastered some of the demos and is planning to release them on CD in the near future.

Screaming Boy Mandie - Vocals
Dizzy Damage - Bass
Micky Lord - Guitars
Staci Chemical - Bass
Fly T. Hooker - Drums

1990-1991 Demos

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