Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13

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Frakenstein Drag Queens

The Frankenstein Drag Queens, rose from the ashes of North Carolina’s Maniac Spider Trash, a band formed by Wednesday 13 and Abby Normal, which also included future FDQ drummer Sicko Zero, the Drag Queens fused Shock Rock, 80’s Glam Metal, and Punk Rock.... the cocktail was lethal, spawning one of the most outrageous yet diverse bands of the 90’s.

Although the band achieved little success outside of North Carolina, the band spawned 4 terrific albums, riddled with Alice Cooper influenced lyrics taking an altogether sicker twist and a stage show which looked like the band were indeed visitors from another planet (13).

Wednesday 13 and Seaweed forged a Marilyn Manson/Twiggy Ramirez like relationship, 9 members in total passed through the Drag Queens, the most persistent feature was Wednesday 13/Seaweed, who recorded on all albums... The bands strongest album was Night Of The Living Drag Queens, featuring some of their most glorious balls to the wall tracks, such as "Mr. Motherf**ker", "Crossdressing G.D.S.O.B", "Die My Bride", "Twist My Sister" and "197666".

Wednesday 13 would later reuse many of the tracks with the Murderdolls. Seaweed, Abby Normal & Sicko Zero formed The Graveyard Boulevard. Which also featured a Drag Queen era song wrote by Seaweed, “Choke Yourself”.

2005 saw the return of the Drag Queens featuring Abby Normal on Bass, Sicko Zero on drums and of course the leader of Planet 13, Wednesday 13 himself on vocals and guitar, the band are looking to release a Boxset with unreleased tracks later this year.

Wednesday 13 - Vocals/Guitar
Seaweed - Bass
Sicko Zero - Drums
Sydney - Guitar
R.S. Saidso - Drums
Abby Normal - Guitar
Ikky - Guitar
It - Bass
Scabs - Drums
The Late, Late, Late, Show
Night Of The Living Drag Queens
Songs From The Recently Deceased
Viva Los Violence
Rare Treats
6 Years, 6 Feet Under The Influence (Best Of)
HG Says: Seaweed is now in Industrial band Electra-Kill with former Drag Queen, R.S. Saidso.
Wednesday 13
The Graveyard Boulevard

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