Interview With Eric Young

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Swedish hair maniacs CRASHDÏET, are a band set for big things, we Interviewed their drummer Eric Young.

6th May 2005

Name: Eric Young
Instrument: Drums
Current Bands: CRASHDÏET
Former Bands: N/A

1. There are alot of Sleaze and Glam bands emerging from Scandinavia, what puts CRASHDÏET a cut above the rest?
We take it all the way! Many bands just doesnt have the balls to take it as far as weve done with clothes make-up and weve found our sound and our songs just kills!
2. Why did  you name the band CRASHDÏET? Is there any connection with the unreleased Guns N' Roses song of the same name?
Actually we dont know, that name emerged out of a long and hard week of drugs and alchohol.... we just dont remember were we got it...  but probably its from the guns song.... haha

3. What are your opinions of Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks?
He kicks ass!  Still going strong and thats fuckin cool!

4. Which Band or Album, made you decide you wanted to play music?
For me i guess it was "Nevermind" with Nirvana!

5. CRASHDÏET are set to release their debut album this year, can you tell us a little about what the album will be like?
Its gonna be a ten-track killer! Every song on that record is gonna blast yer ears to pieces and your just gonna want more!
The songs are classic hardrock ala  Guns, skidrow and stuff like that plus with a touch of CRASHDÏET that makes it uniqe!
6. All of the band members have very impressive hair, what are your secrets behind keeping the hair in shape?
Lots of hairspray, curl-equipment and just alittle patience!

7. If you could eliminate one band and their discography from existence, who would you delete?
I guess i would choose OASIS, i fuckin hate that band! Fuckin we-have-short-hair-and-no-balls-and-play-the-worst-music-possible-asssholes!  Kill em all i say!!

8. You are playing Download Festival this summer, with big bands like Megadeth, also on the bill, the future looks bright for CRASHDÏET, it must be exiting for you?
Its a blast! Were finally getting some cool gigs and were gonna enjoy every second!

9. Do you have a favourite CRASHDÏET song, which you like playing live best?
I think mine is "Knokk em down" its so groovy but still hard as hell!

10. Any final comments for your fans?
Thanks a bunch for the awsome support! Keep up the good work, keep buying albums instead of downloading it and KEEP THE HAIR IN SHAPE!!

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