Interview with Acey Slade

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New interview with Trashlight Vision main-man and Murderdolls guitarist; Acey Slade.

20th November 2005

Name: Acey Slade
Instrument: Vocals & Guitar. 
Current Bands: Trashlight Vision, Murderdolls
Former Bands: Vampire Love Dolls, Amen, Dope

1. When can we expect a full Trashlight Vision release and how are things progressing with the album so far?

Well the alleged release date for 'Alibi's and Ammunition' is March 13th in the UK and Europe. For the US, we'll see. I don't know if america is ready for us.

2. Its well known that you are a Nightmare Before Christmas obsessive, what are your thoughts on Tim Burton's Corpse Bride?

I think it's better in some ways, Cinamaticly. But nothing can beat the orginal. It's kind of like Beautiful Creatures has more gloss, but I still prefer Bang Tango.

3. Trashlight Vision and yourself are set to hit the UK this month (November) on a full tour, what can people in the UK who have not attended a TLV show before expect?

Human Conbustion. Just wait it's our Drumers turn. There will just be a green blob on his stool. Seriously, I think it's going to be our best tour yet. We have realy come into our own.

4. What are the other guys in the bands roots? Do they come from the same background of Hanoi Rocks, Guns N'Roses, Motley Crue, etc as yourself?

Steve is a little more into Bowie I'm more into Iggy. He's more into the Sex Pisiols, I'm more into the Clash. Rag's is more into stuff like the Breifs and the Testors. At the same time we have the exact same taste in 80's metal too! Lenny is more into Gene Krupa (you'll have to forgive my spelling on that one..) It's all the same stuff just differnt bands for us to turn each other on to.

5. Why is it that most current bands are more preoccupied with being trendy rather than play real honest Rock N' Roll? There is obviously a market for it out there..

'It's all surface and no feeling' to quote the Manics.

6. If you could eliminate one band and their discography from existence, whom would you delete?

Guns and Roses. I would re-write all their songs and let everyone think they were mine! ha,ha..

7. You got to fill in as Amen guitarist a couple of years back on the Brides Of Destruction tour, can you tell us a little about your experiences on the tour?

Well the first time I played with the guys was durring the show! Their guitarist quit right before the flight to the US. So we didn't get to sound check or anything. Me and Piggy went over the songs in the dressing room and then we were on..ha,ha..going to Starbucks with Nikki. Watching Tracii Gunns play everynight. The US tour was a blast. The Japan tour was pretty sketchy, but I had a great time.

8. How are your relationships with the rest of the Murderdolls members currently? Can we expect a Trashlight Vision/Wednesday 13 show in the future?

I speak to everyone pretty regularly. I just spoke to the Ghoul before he left to go on tour with Dope-weird. Joey and I have been working on the Roadrunner United stuff quite a bit.

I would love to tour with Wed if the timing was right. I get along great with my little brother Piggy!

9. Which punk rocker is more influential to you; Stiv Bators or Johnny Thunders?

Lyricly-Stiv, Guitar playing-Johnny Thunders. Hair-Johnny Thunders,

10. You previously sung for Vampire Love Dolls (Your first band) can we expect the mini album re-released sometime in the future, or perhaps even a song like “Poison Ivy” been incorporated into Trashlight Vision?

We played Poision Ivy Tea our first few shows actully! But most likely not. Did you know Christian from the Chelsea Smile co wrote that song? You have to check that band out if you have not already.

11. What are your opinions of your former band Dope’s new album “American Apathy”?

We'll I was a more then a little surprised to hear one of my riff's on it...but I haven't even listened to that band since I quit. It turned into something differnt then the band I joined.

12. Trashlight Vision have played with Ginger and his band The Wildhearts, a band who have the same Rock N’Roll principles as TLV, what are your thoughts on Ginger’s works in the Wildhearts & Supershit 666 (With Dregen of Backyard Babies)?

Verry fuckin' cool! I think 'Can't find the Door' was awesome!

13. When you die what words will you have written on your tombstone?

I'm already dead...

14. Thanks Acey, any final words for your fans?

Yea-Never give up and never give in. Be strong and shout at the devil!

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