Interview With Zim Zum

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This is Hollyweird Glamour's first ever interview, and it is with non other than Zim Zum... after reading the interview be sure to check out Zim's sites.

20th April 2005

Name: Zim Zum
Guitar, among others.
Current Bands:
The Pop Culture Suicides, Pleistoscene
Former Bands: Marilyn Manson
The Pop Culture Suicides
Zim Zum

1.In hindsight do you think it was a good idea to branch out from Marilyn Manson when if you stayed you’d now be VERY rich?
Yes. being rich and famous is a fairy tale and they dont go hand in hand. I prefer respect and integrity. MTV cribs is not's shallow and extremely self involved. My private life is not a half hour MTV show and my home is private. What most people dont realize is that MTV Cribs and all the flaunted wealth is just an album away from VH1 behind the music and if you flaunt something that will be recouped then it's a much harder and seemingly deserved fall on the way down.
I love to write and record and make music I like. I dont do it for money and I dont do it for fame. I do it for myself.

2.If Axl Rose called you tomorrow and offered you a spot in Guns N’ Roses would you take the gig?
I'm happy with what i'm doing, so no.

3.If you could eliminate one band and their discography from existence, whom would you delete?
lol..the backstreet boys or any of those boy/girl/lip sync/related or 2nd/3rd generation imitation things.

4.I’ve seen a picture of you with the band Dope, what exactly was the deal with that? Where you just supporting them or what?
I dont exploit my friends because I dont have to. Any picture of me and Edsel seems to be used to promote Dope as opposed to our simply being friends and the only picture I have seen is not what it seems though if it looks like something else, so
I got them signed. I guess that depends...

5.When you have been in such a high profile band, do you still check out and get exited by new bands that come out?
Yes. I like music and I like to see a good band play live

6.What are your opinions on the Murderdolls?
I dont know enough about them or their music to form an opinion

7.Will you be going to see Motley Crue this tour?
Not sure.

8.Do you regret anything you did while in Marilyn Manson?
No apologies. No regrets.

9.I read somewhere on the net that you said that you dont like people copying your style, dont you think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
I havent heard anyone dirrectly copy my style because I dont allow myself to stay in one mindset for very long. I dont think imitation is anything other than imitation and the music scene sucks right now because all anyone really does is copy other bands. there is nothing creative in imitation.

10.Who inspired you most as a person and as a musician?

My Grandmother
Thanks again to Zim.

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