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Vain formed in 1985 in San Francisco, CA. The band released a few demos which led to them being signed to Island Records. The band unleashed their phenomenal debut album “No Respect”, Vain became successful in the UK featuring in Kerrang! Magazine and touring with Skid Row.

The second album “All Those Strangers”, never got an official release though the album is widely bootlegged amongst Glam Metal communities. The band was dropped by Island Records after a ownership change. Then In 1991 West and Rickard left Vain. The band changed their name to Roadcrew and after appointing former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler and Shawn Rorie. Roadcrew split shortly after due to Adler’s drug problems.

Vain reformed in 1993 and released the album Move On It, but only in Japan. Two years later Vain recorded Fade.. Davy Vain would later make a solo album in 2000 which featured Vain bassist Ashley Mitchell & Guitarist James Scott. In 2005 Vain are set to record a new album of material and are touring the UK.

Davy Vain - Vocals
Danny West - Guitar
James Scott - Guitar
Ashley Mitchell - Bass
Tom Rickard - Drums
Danny Fury - Drums
No Respect
All Those Strangers
Move On It
On The Line
HG Says:James Scott & Ashley Mitchell, also played on Davy Vain's solo album, "In From Out Of Knowhere".

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