Interview With 'O'

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This interview is with ‘O’, vocalist of the notorious Paris based band Undercover Slut. ‘O’ is not afraid of controversy so sit back and hold on tight!

3rd May 2005

Name: 'O'
Instrument: Vocals
Current Bands: Undercover Slut
Former Bands: N/A
Undercover Slut

 1. France have received alot of criticism for not joining the US and UK war on Iraq, what are your opinions on the whole thing?

Way too many muslims in France forced french government to stay away from Iraq issues because local politician morons are so fuckin' scared of those fuckin' primitive muslims .. Muslim riots could make France bleed alot, believe me... Also please remember that France is notorious for losing wars within 15 minutes... French troops wouldn't be very helpful anyways...

2. You name 70's punk bands as part of your influences, which bands in particular are you influenced by?  

Mainly those Malcolm McLaren mannequins : his Dolls and his Pistols...

3. My favourite Undercover Slut song is "Daddy's Little C**t", with titles that contain obscene words, are there problems getting radio play?

Yes sir. There is alot of problems, always. Anyways, UNDERCOVER SLUT loves problems !!! I am in love with censorship, please censor me !!! It always proves me I'm doing something right... all of those kids into UCS can't be wrong, anyways... Censorship and scandal being UCS oxygen...

4. Undercover Slut make Rock N' Roll feel dangerous again, you guys aren't afraid to speak your mind and stand up for what you believe, will there be more of the same in future Undercover Slut songs/albums? 

Here's the scoop on our future : we'll start playing commercial tunes, we'll have an 80's smash hit cover song on our next album, we'll look more and more silly... I'll hang out with politically correct folks, alot of faggots too... I'll also start drinking absinthe just to be cooler than I already am, and probably start painting as well to make sure I'm an artist... I'll take any kind of movies proposals too in order to show the world my acting skills... And finally, we'll have a "best of" album out and I definitely would marry someone with a face only a mother could love...

5. What are Undercover Sluts religious beliefs, are you Atheist, Satanist, Christian, etc.?  

I am so fuckin' proud to be an agnostic. Satanists are so fuckin' lame, they're so stupid, they give organized religions more importance than they actually deserve... Remember kids, never give science-fiction that much importance !!!

6. In the video for "Darling Darling", it looks like you guys put alot of energy into your live shows, do you plan on bringing it to a larger audience, some European festivals this summer maybe?

We're actually working on our 3rd U.S. Tour starting this August...Promoters and club owners, book us now : (Subject :UCS wants to trash your club !!!).

7. You have a song named "Legalize Suicide", are you concerned that some naive person could take your message the wrong way, and hurt themselves?    

There's always a risk with weak minded people... Look at the entire "human" race, how bad it is...

8. Undercover Slut have recently being playing shows over in the USA, would you ever consider moving over there or is it easier living in France?

I fuckin' hate France, especially its polluted population... UNDERCOVER SLUT being the result of way too many years spent in psychotic Paris. It feeds my anger pretty well though... So no need to move to black & white Amerikkka so far... Conservative Amerikkka wouldn't want us anyways...

9. If you could eliminate one band and their discography from existence, who would you delete? 

Way too many to mention. Since bad publicity is publicity, there's no way I'll list those suckers.

10. At times your vocals remind me of Taime Downe from Faster Pussycat/Newlydeads, are you guys fans of Faster Pussycat? 

Let's just say Taime's a cool cat...

11. Thanks 'O', is there anything else you want to add? 

Support Animal Liberation Front @ A big shout-out to all ALF members in jail yesterday, today and tomorrow... Send all of your credit card details to our Secret Society via e-mail : Thanks for the freedom of speech, so fuckin' rare nowadays... 24/7 worship kult @ I love all UCS fanatics...

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