Gemini Five

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Gemini Five

Gemini Five are a Sleaze Glam band formed in 2001 in Sweden. They write catchy songs with a heavy edge which keeps their sound relevant in the 00’s.

The band is fronted by blonde dread locked vocalist Tin Star, who is reminiscent of Tim Skold during the “Second Coming” era, Shotgun Messiah days.. he is joined by drummer Slim Pete, guitarist Snoopy & bassist Hot Rod (Who, for a while filled in as Beautiful Creatures guitarist after Dj Ashba’s departure).

Gemini Five released their debut album ‘Babylon Rockets’ in 2003, their cover of Dead Or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”, hit no.19 on the Swedish charts, the album is cram packed full of catchy, sleazy hard rock party songs. Which can be listened to from start to end without ever having the desire to skip a track.. sound outs include “Get It Off”, “Automatic Cool” & of course “Babylon Rockets”.

2005 saw their follow up album “Black Anthem”, the look and sound was updated with a little taste of Industrial-Glam, while still staying true to the sound of “Babylon Rockets”.

Tin Star - Vocals/Guitar
Hot Rod - Bass
Snoopy - Guitar
Slim Pete - Drums
Babylon Rockets
Black Anthem

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